FXX K, Ferrari’s extreme hypercar

Unveiled at the Finali Mondiali at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi in December 2014, the FXX K is the fastest, wildest track-only production car Ferrari’s ever built. Based on the street-legal Laferrari, the FXX K is a high performance limited production (40 units) race car designed by Flavio Manzoni, director of Centro Stile Ferrari.

Flavio Manzoni’s sculpted beauty

Its outrageous looks are matched by equally insane performance. With a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, the naturally aspirated V-12 produces 848hp, with an additional 187hp, electrically produced, courtesy of Ferrari’s HY-KERS kinetic-energy recovery system. Total system output is 1036hp, enabling it to race from 0-60mph in about 2.8sec, and topping out at an estimated 217mph!

With its unique LED headlamps and aggressive front and rear, this car has a look all its own. The front has a large splitter and twin-profile spoiler, the headlights very small for improved aerodynamics. In the rear, the tail is higher and includes a mobile spoiler with a tailfin and a small wing in the end of each fin to maximize downforce. Despite being crammed with spoilers, scoops, vents and winglets, the FXX K’s striking good looks and meticulous detailing are entirely the product of work done closely with Ferrari’s aerodynamicists.

Aggressive styling all around

Built purely for the track, the FXX K will, however, not be used in competition – though that experience is what the fortunate few owners will savor. Like the preceding FXX and 599XX, the FXX K is a part of Ferrari’s Client Test Driver program, that allows owners of XX cars to drive in special tracks, collecting data for use in future Ferrari road and race cars.

“The key for us is to have our clients drive our cars after the competitors and climb out saying ‘wow, this is the one.’ It’s not about the fastest timed lap, it’s about the feeling the car gives you. The sound of this V12 is all part of the experience, it’s like an old F1 car,” Ferrari product marketing director Nicola Boari.

The FXX K, from Bburago. Miniature marvels

Bburago has captured the essence of this beautiful hypercar in series of die-cast metal replicas. The Signature Edition has the car in 1:18 and 1:43 scale. There is a Racing version in 1:24 and the R&P cars in 1:18 and 1:43. It’s a complete range that ensures every avid collector will have a choice.

Bburago Signature Edition 1:18 Ferrari FXX K – Black beauty!

The attention to detail is truly amazing in these models, with faithful reproduction of every feature of the original cars. The paint-job is immaculate, with racing decals and stripes. Here again a collector is spoilt for choice – Red and Black versions in the Signature range, White and Red versions in Racing and Red and Yellow for R&P models.

Bburago’s 1:24 Racing Edition FXX K – White lightning!

Larger scale cars feature opening doors, engine hood or trunk. The engine compartment, chassis with separate exhaust system, wheels and badging are precisely detailed and have all-wheel suspension and functioning steering. Smaller cars in the 1:43 range are closed-body models, though richly detailed.

Engine compartment detailing
Amazing precision model
Feature-rich miniature marvels
Bburago 1:18 Ferrari FXX K – Red hot!

Take an even closer look at the finer details, and you will be amazed at these incredibly intricate replicas.