John Lennon’s Phantom V from Paragon Models

Paragon 1:18 1964 Rolls Royce Phantom V "Lennon"
Paragon Models’ 1:18 1964 Rolls Royce Phantom V “Lennon”



John Lennon's original Phantom V painted in a 'psychedelic style' inspired by gypsy art
John Lennon’s original Phantom V painted in a ‘psychedelic style’ inspired by gypsy art


John Lennon, as quoted by him in his official biography “…always wanted to be an eccentric millionaire.” And his custom painted Rolls Royce is one great example of the eclectic style statements he, and the Beatles, set in the 1960s. The brand new 19-foot, three ton Phantom V delivered to him in 1965, FJB 111C, was to undergo a magical, and controversial (to die-hard Rolls Royce fans of the day) transformation after the Fab Four admired the circus decorations and gypsy caravans at a fairground they had driven to. Les Anthony, Lennon’s chauffeur, recalls Ringo Starr opining that the Rolls would look “cool” painted the same way. Lennon thought it was a great idea. And the Rolls, from its original Valentines Black limousine paintwork, became the iconic “Yellow Submarine”.

This die-cast metal 1:18 scale model from Paragon Models is one of the most accurate replicas of the original car. Measuring approx. 13″ and weighing almost two kilos, it comes in a specially designed box. Featuring opening doors, bonnet and boot and a detailed interior it is a “must-have” for any collector of Beatles memorabilia. In 1985 the original car was auctioned for $2.3 million, but you would hardly have to shell out a huge amount for this beauty!

For Rolls Royce lovers who would prefer the 1964 Phantom V in its original silver avatar, a limited edition version is also available from Paragon Models.

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