Bugatti Royale Type 41 ‘Coupe de Ville’ and the 1,300-part masterpiece from Bauer

The Royale Coupe de Ville at the 2004 Goodwood Revival
The Royale ‘Coupe de Ville’ at the 2004 Goodwood Revival

The Bugatti Royale Type 41 was designed and built with the intention of making a ‘giant’ statement.  Even today, this huge, elegant, powerful automobile is an impressive sight. More than six metres long and weighing in at over three thousand kilos, it was also one of the most expensive cars of its day, at a price that would have fetched you three Rolls-Royces. Seen from any angle, this automobile, crafted by Ettore Bugatti, is thing of beauty and power. Six Royales were built – all still existing today, and all individually bodied. ‘Coupe Napoleon’, ‘Coupe de Ville Binder’, ‘Cabriolet Weinberger’, ‘Limousine Park-Ward’, ‘Kellner’ and ‘Berline de Voyage’ are the six Royales produced between 1929 and 1933, before the Great Depression stopped further production, as even its base chassis price of $30,000 was more than royalty of the day could afford to splurge on.

Under a bonnet the length of a small car, is housed the massive 12.5-litre engine, a huge single block and cylinder head cast in one unit, measuring around 1.4 m, making it one of the largest automobile engines ever. Its in-line eight cylinders, with 3 valves per cylinder produced between 275-300hp, giving it a top speed of around 200km/h, and making it one of the fastest cars of its day.

Designed for royalty, but undone by the depressed world economy of the 30s, this luxurious, sumptuously appointed car today resides in prestigious museums and is a head-turner whenever it is put on display.

1:18 Bugatti Royale 'Coupe de Ville' from Bauer Exclusives
1:18 Bugatti Royale Type 41 ‘Coupe de Ville’ from Bauer Exclusive

This Bugatti Royale Type 41, ‘Coupe de Ville’ is a 1:18 die-cast metal scale model made by Bauer, Germany. With more than 1,300 individual parts, made from 18 different materials, all assembled painstakingly by hand, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The die-cast metal body can be separated from the chassis giving you a unique view of the true scaled down, authentically detailed engine. At 1.85kg, it is exceptional for a 1:18 scale car, as was the original 3,000kg automobile! Complementing the exquisite detailing, is superb paint work and interior finish. To further enhance this already impressive looking model, it comes with a high-quality wooden base with built-in mirror, to reflect the underside of the car.

Add this amazing automobile to your collection of exclusive must-haves and find a pride-of-place location to ‘park’ this dream model!

Bonnet opens to reveal the highly detailed engine
Bonnet opens to reveal the highly detailed engine compartment
Authentically replicated interior
Authentically replicated interior and superb paint finish
Body separates from chassis to reveal detailed engine and transmission
Body separates from chassis to reveal detailed engine and transmission system

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